Made only with the finest materials...we have a passion about horses and quality products...we started this as an unknown venture it has turned into a full time passion.
Built in the northwest made to go everywhere...give us a call and let us make MYTRUCK YOUR TRUCK

About Us

I designed MYTRUCK is Your Truck ® to accomplish ANY and ALL of my needs as an owner and trainer of race horses, as well as, my fellow horseman's needs and for that matter any person who has need of a truck to haul a 5th wheel, a goose neck trailer or a bumper pull style trailer. With a sleeper attachment you can comfortably stretch out and get a good night's need for a motel!

MYTRUCK® can hold a squeeze of hay, straw or alfalfa easily loaded on the custom designed flatbed. Palettes of grain or whatever you want to haul can easily be loaded from both sides or the rear as needed.  MYTRUCK® can easily be converted to a pickup style truck by adding side and rear panels to enclose the bed. With a load capacity of a ton and a half, MYTRUCK® can do it all. 

From the unique flatbed design to the unique placement of the Spare Carrier and cab back, the beautiful thing about MYTRUCK is Your Truck® is just that, we can design your truck to fit your personal work and pleasure needs. You have to see MYTRUCK® to believe it!

MYTRUCK® this all-in-one truck is one of a kind truck.

Let us make one for you. Let us make MYTRUCK Your Truck®!

Note: MYTRUCK is designed as a passage vehicle based on weight and does not require a commercial truck license in most states. Check your local DMV

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